Workshop: Learn to Make Ghee!

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The autumnal equinox is just around the corner and we’re excited to share one of our most favorite kitchen staples to keep you vibrant this season. Fats like ghee aren’t just about flavor. They are a HUGE part of making sure our bodies function properly. We need fats to for maintaining healthy brains, immune systems, hormone levels and digestive processes. This ancient food actually improves our body’s ability to assimilate nutrients and promotes healing of gastro-intestinal inflammations.


Ghee has a permanent place on our counter tops. Held in special ceramic jars, this golden goodness is an arm’s length away from whatever we’re making on the stove. A quick sauté of kale, added to a pan of sizzling onions or a spoonful in a warm cup of golden milk, we try to get our daily dose of brain boosting fats while adding a layer of flavor to our meals.

For extra plant power, we infuse our ghee with powdered herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari, astragalus and maca. Ghee has long been a delicious carrier for medicinal herbs and stays true to the idea that ‘food is medicine.’

golden milk

Sip on some Golden Milk with us at Homestead Apothecary while learning the ritual of making ghee, how to infuse medicinal herbs into your ghee and why fats are so important for staying healthy this season!

Homestead Apothecary | Oakland, CA | Thursday, Sept. 24th 6-8 PM

Space is limited. Sign up HERE to reserve your spot!



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