VISION: A Course in Courage and Self-Love

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Lately, I’ve been surprised at how quickly things appear when I simply ask for them. Maybe its Terence Mckenna’s theory about time speeding up or maybe the more we connect to our hearts, the more we are able to create the lives we want. Either way, I feel so grateful to be apart of this 40-day course on visioning with Meredith Rom.


All this Northern California rain and fog has made staying indoors and getting cozy near a fire  the only thing I ever really want to do. I’ve been finding a lot of time for reflection. Looking inward at what it is that I truly want and spending more and more time listening to what my heart is calling for. So, when I was thinking about how I can start working toward these goals as part of an everyday practice, the VISION course came into my life.


Our dear friend Karen Prosen, from The Sacred Plate, has taken Meredith’s course before and had some pretty powerful results:   “My vision came true so rapidly!! I loved the structure and the outline of it. It made my mornings magical!  Throughout the program, I found my for-now-dream-home, attracted clients to The Sacred Plate, met my income goals, started painting and hiking more, and prayed daily for my grandmother.  It was a special experience, very close to my heart and very inspiring.”


VISION is a 7-week course on meditation and manifestation for women stepping into courage and self-love.

Shift your thoughts, manifest your desires and live your passions.

The course includes 7 weekly coaching calls, audio recordings, a 40-day practice for manifestation and an online community forum to connect with other women with a vision.

You can watch the free video  6 Steps to Manifestation and register here.


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