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MARCH // Things We Love

To our surprise, spring came early this year in Northern California. Its as if one morning we woke up from a winter dream to find nature in bloom. The first to display their spring songs were the acacia trees dangling bright gold tassels from feathery leaves. Quickly after the first shimmer of gold appeared on the […]

NOVEMBER // Things we love!

Its crazy to feel the end of November upon us. What even happened to this month? Must be the super short days and cool weather creeping in that is making time fly. And despite this season of slowing down, November has been anything but slow! We were thrilled to kick off the month at Homestead Apothecary for […]

Spring Vinegars

Spring Vinegars. Recently I found two vulture feathers. I saw them as a message to be more resourceful and to utilize the abundance that surrounds us. Vultures are scavenger birds who patiently soar above until the deceased offer their bodies back to the earth. Death offers life to these creatures. A symbol of transformation and […]