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The Art of an Herbal Formula

With so many herbs out there how do you blend them into an effective (and hopefully delicious) formula? Something I’ve learned from my teachers is that creating formulas is a deeply intuitive process that strengthens the more you work with herbs. Which to me is great news since the more you allow yourself to be […]

Be Radical, Eat Traditional!

We are excited to announce  Be Radical, Eat Traditional! programs are now available on our new shop page! These are custom programs designed with the intention of teaching you how to see your kitchen as a sanctuary for creating nourishing meals with healing plants and traditional practices. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about what to buy at […]

2013 FLHC Discount Code!

It is hard to believe the The Florida Herbal Conference is just around the corner! Last year we had so much fun camping with friends, meeting new friends, learning new things, and just genuinely having a blast! This year we are super excited to have Matthew Wood and Phyllis Light as our keynotes, and to learn from all the wise native […]