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Summertime Herbal Drinks

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A roundup of a few of our favorite herbal drinks, just in time for the holiday weekend. We know you wanna bring your herbs to the party! Whether you’re enjoying them as ‘mock-tails’ or adding a splash of something boozey, these are no brainers for cooling off this summer.


Ginger+Basil Kvass  | A bubbly probiotic beverage, with a hint of ginger and fresh basil. 


Watermelon + Lemon Verbena Cooler | The kind of drink that makes you feel refreshed just looking at it. 


Rosewater + Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea | The perfect balance of sweet, sour and rose to beat the heat on a hot day. 


Tulsi Lemon Ginger Bloody Mary’s  | An adaptogenic twist on a classic summertime (or anytime) drink. 


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  1. Rebecca Stevens says

    We met at Spirit Weavers and you had suggested I make tulsi cold brew. Would love suggestions on quantity of dried herd vs water and length of steeping time. Thank you!

    • Sarah Kate

      Hi Rebecca! Usually the ‘rule’ for making infusions is 1 tsp dried herb per cup of water or 1 TBS fresh herb per cup of water. This goes for leaves + flowers of the plants. Steep for 10-15 minutes, or cold brew over night and just leave out on the counter, covered. You can always add more if you’re looking for a stronger flavor, especially with the fresh herbs. A good trick is to make 1 quart of tea, rather than making it cup by cup. That way you’ll have your herbal infusion to sip on throughout the day. I usually do 1 TBS of dried herb per quart. You can make it the night before or just make it in the morning with hot water. Hope that helps!

  2. It’s very important to be hydrated in the summertime I love having watermelon in those days. These drinks will surely work well. Great work!!!

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