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What a crazy last couple of weeks it has been! It was rather intense being a town over from the wildfires with all the smoke and pollution in the air. So many folks have been affected in our community and it will be a long road to getting back to ‘normal’ after something like this. Its been incredible to see so many people helping out with food, supplies, herbal support and just being there for one another.

Now the the smoke has cleared and the fires are contained, there is still more work to do, more conversations to be had and actions to take in light of the fires—how we manage natural lands, create effective emergency response and what to do about the growing housing crisis in Northern California…and so much more. For us, we’ve been thinking a lot about herbal respiratory support and how to keep our immune systems nourished in these difficult times. How can we educate others to use plant medicines, make them accessible to all communities and to show people that they actually work during times like these?

As part of our self-care this week, here are some links that have helped to keep us grounded and inspired now that things are settling a bit here.

  • Does eating a healthy diet actually protect you from pollution?  A good read for all of us in Northern California right now. Vitamins and supplements aren’t going to cut it. Eating a whole foods diet, with healthy fats is more likely to support your body’s natural detox response to pollution.
  • Love seeing the different ways folks have been getting involved in the recovery effort. Our friend Bonnie Rose is donating money from her online shop to fire victims. We just ordered her In Between Cream  made with mugwort, California grown white sage and rosemary flower essence for some extra plant magic and grounding.
  • Also, check out Rachel of Medicinal Threads fundraiser. We ordered some of her organic cotton and plant dyed pieces since she’s donating 50% of proceeds to folks affected by the fire.
  • Always inspired to see women gathering to support each other and the earth at the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. Definitely get this on your radar if you’re in the area! Our mentor and friend Emily Ruff shared about how to create models to connect our communities with healing plants during challenging times with Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Really important topic right now in the herbal community and beyond. Always inspired by your endless efforts, Emily!
  • Since we’ve been staying home more than usual, definitely wanting to try these three surprising recipes cooking with tea.
  • Getting excited for mushroom season once the rains pick up. Can’t wait to try this perfect recipe with foraged chanterelles and the 10 lbs of salmon we have coming our way!
  • Going to make our Spiced Stew with Cardamom + Ginger Rice for the cooler nights this week, too. Such an easy and comforting weeknight supper.
  • One of our favorite witches, Milla Prince is doing an Ancestral Herbalism workshop at Kitkitdizzi in Nevada City! So bummed it’s sold out, but hoping she’ll come back soon to teach another one.
  • Summer and I saw Solange at The Greek Theater. What a mind-blowing artistic performance. Totally captivating stage design, choreography, vocals and message from a truly inspiring human. And if it couldn’t get any better, there was a meteor shower happening throughout the show! Definitely a special evening.

Hope you’re easing in to this time of seasonal transition and being as gentle with yourself as you can be. There is a lot for us to collectively hold. Indulge in self care in whatever form you need. We support your healing.

With love from Northern California,

S + S



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