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Healing Plants, Nourishing Foods Workshop!

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Join us February 2nd and 9th at the Florida School of Holistic Living for our Healing Plants, Nourishing Foods workshop!

We’ll be sharing witchy recipes, our love of traditional foods and ancient preparations. Learn how to soak grains, sprout beans, use wild foods, cook with medicinal herbs and mushrooms, and not be afraid of good fats!

In order to honor the seasons, and our bodies during the seasons, we wanted both classes  to focus on the energetics of each special time of year. Here is the breakdown:

February 2nd: Fall/Winter 

{How and why we love Traditional Foods}

{Eating to nourish the Spirit}

{Warming Energetics of Fall/Winter}

{You’ll learn how to soak grains, make ghee, and prepare a kurry dish}

Feb 9th: Spring/Summer

{Cooling Energetics of Spring/Summer}

{Witchy Kitchen Tips}

{Herbs for Spring/Summer}

{You’ll learn how to sprout lentils, make a medicinal pesto, and prepare a cleansing dish}

*$25 for one class or $45 for both

* snacks and small meal provided

* recipe handouts included

*GKK products will be available for purchase

Can’t wait to see you there!!

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