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Maca ghee

I’ve been making this ghee for sometime now, but can’t seem to keep in on the counter long enough to photograph. As soon as I make it, the jar quickly gets used for everything from sautéing, making “bulletproof coffee” or slathering on something warm. After returning home from 3 months in the Peruvian jungle and […]

A Tassajara Summer

Its been a few weeks since I’ve been home from Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. Coming back to a familiar thick Florida air has made my transition somewhat easier. But there is something that stays with you after being nestled in a valley for almost 5 months, 14 miles from cell phones, computers and living life […]

The Lightness of Being

This past week I busted Sarah out of the zen monastery and we went on all sorts of wild adventures. We made St. John’s Wort tinctures on summer solstice, sang songs to the super moon, chanted over our ghee, stuck our feet in the pacific, ate bacon scones and shiitake swiss fougasse at Wild Flour […]