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Summertime Herbal Drinks

A roundup of a few of our favorite herbal drinks, just in time for the holiday weekend. We know you wanna bring your herbs to the party! Whether you’re enjoying them as ‘mock-tails’ or adding a splash of something boozey, these are no brainers for cooling off this summer.   Ginger+Basil Kvass  | A bubbly probiotic beverage, […]

Coco-Ginger Golden Milk

One of our favorite warming elixirs keeps making an appearance in our herbal kitchen year after year. Golden milk is a drink anyone can love. Its got all the right stuff–warmth, creaminess, comfort and its literally golden! Best of all, you can sneak your favorite adaptogens like ashwagandha, shatavari or even tulsi into your brew. […]