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Bonnie Rose on Urban Herbalism

Bonnie Rose has been a dear friend ever since our Herb Pharm days, picking sticky calendula flowers and hoe-ing rows of echinacea. Her passion and commitment to the plants is always inspiring and the work she’s doing in her hometown of San Francisco is deeply needed. We talked to Bonnie about farming in the city, meeting […]

A Look at Healing

From across the continent our friends have come together to help our dear friend Troy heal from his brain cancer. I am happy to say that through the healing power of both western medicine and medicinal plants he is now doing much better. I am sure all the prayers and ceremonies that have gone on […]

A Tassajara Summer

Its been a few weeks since I’ve been home from Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. Coming back to a familiar thick Florida air has made my transition somewhat easier. But there is something that stays with you after being nestled in a valley for almost 5 months, 14 miles from cell phones, computers and living life […]