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FEBRUARY // Things We Love

We’re only two months into 2017 and I’ve gotta to say, it definitely feels different. With all the craziness going on it has been super grounding to spend time with friends and family and put more energy into my workout schedule. I’ve been running and doing yin yoga about 3-4x a week to reduce stress. Here […]

5 Kitchen Tips for the Modern Witch

  Here are a few tried and true tips that help get us through a busy week. Whether you incorporate one or all of these into your daily rituals, we find preparing meals is less stressful and with the help of our plant allies they come together with an extra touch of magic. 1. YOU ARE MAGIC  […]

Ready to be a ‘Radical Witch’?

We’re so excited to share our Radical Witch program to our online community. This 28 day herbal course is perfect for any aspiring kitchen witch. We invite you to dedicate this time to your ancestors, the plants, and your sacred body. We’re keeping this course intimate, and will be accepting students until 4/30. We’d be honored […]

Cooking: A Practice in Self-love

Its taken me a while to see cooking as a devotion. Many people in our world speak about cooking as being some sort of burden or drudgery. Something to be avoided at all costs. Definitely not something to be enjoyed or to seek relaxation in. Especially, after a long day at the office. I get […]

The Art of an Herbal Formula

With so many herbs out there how do you blend them into an effective (and hopefully delicious) formula? Something I’ve learned from my teachers is that creating formulas is a deeply intuitive process that strengthens the more you work with herbs. Which to me is great news since the more you allow yourself to be […]

Workshop: Learn to Make Ghee!

The autumnal equinox is just around the corner and we’re excited to share one of our most favorite kitchen staples to keep you vibrant this season. Fats like ghee aren’t just about flavor. They are a HUGE part of making sure our bodies function properly. We need fats to for maintaining healthy brains, immune systems, hormone […]