Be Radical, Eat Traditional!

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We are excited to announce  Be Radical, Eat Traditional! programs are now available on our new shop page! These are custom programs designed with the intention of teaching you how to see your kitchen as a sanctuary for creating nourishing meals with healing plants and traditional practices.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about what to buy at the grocery store, how to make healthy meals at home for the work week, or want to learn how to use vitality supporting herbs in your meals, work with us one-on-one and we’ll show you how simple being radical and eating traditional can be!

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Here are some kitchen rituals you can look forward to learning:

> Soaking + Sprouting grains, legumes, nuts and seeds
> Healthy fats + the art of making ghee (clarified butter)  pot
> Bone broths
> Adaptogenic and Tonic herbs to support vitality
> Making herbal foods such as pestos, dressings, spreads, dips, beverages, healthy snacks and more!


Perks of the Programs include:
> Complementary 45 minute phone/Skype consultation
> Weekly check-in’s (phone/Skype)
> Custom Weekly Herbal Meal Plans
>  Printable shopping lists specific to budget
> Cooking Ratios// Kitchen Rituals guide // Food Prep guide
> Be Radical, Eat Traditional! Booklet (E-Book & Printed)

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We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions about which plan is right for you.  Spaces in the program are limited so check out the shop page to learn more!



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    • Summer Ashley
      Summer Ashley says

      We love to do it, Almila. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Summer Ashley
      Summer Ashley says

      Bonnie, you are the sweetest. We are so happy to see your business flourishing. Congratulations on the new retail location. We miss you!

    • Summer Ashley
      Sarah Kate says

      Karen, I feel so honored to be in service with such a radiant woman as you! Excited for our collaboration 🙂

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